August 29, 2016

The Medium is the Mess...

We (society) are in truly bizarre territory here/now. It's the final count-down; and the good folks want to find an 'app' for it on their mobile phones.
Modern mass communications media are proving to be the makers of reality for a majority of the population of the Western World. And that reality is proving itself to be a huge mess to anyone with eyes to see behind the veil.
[Note: despite constant misuse by almost everyone, 'media' is a plural word and takes a plural verb form. To say 'the media is' is wrong. Either we have language logic or we have growing linguistic chaos.]

One of the main things the US presidential election campaign of 2016 is revealing is the power of the media to fabricate an utterly false, distorted world to its captive audience. I say 'captive,' because the six major US media corporations are in control of virtually all the 'news' (as they laughingly call it) that people see and hear. While the big six agree largely on many matters, such as international affairs, they are, temporarily, drastically split as regards the presidential candidates. CNN has been labelled the Clinton News Network; and FOX has been trumpeting the views of the Republican nominee.

And that's where people go to get their news/views. If you lean to the left, politically, you'll learn everything about the campaign (and probably the world) from CNN and its cohorts. If you are inclined to the right, you'll turn to the trusted voices on FOX and its semblables. In either case, you are getting a highly distorted picture of reality.

In my circles, people are 'well educated' (i.e. brain-washed) and liberal in their general outlook, therefore Trump is total moron with money but no discretion. Yessir, Clinton is their gal-- the establishment stalwart who will, at least, keep the world going in a predictable manner (always a desirable trait, apparently, whether one is to the left or right). They really believe that Hillary is more trustworthy to prevent a major war-- all evidence from her past, notwithstanding!

Now, I'm not a fan of Trump; I hated his TV show and his egotistical antics. Some in the 'alternative media' have questioned whether the Donald is a true anti-establishment upstart, or just a straw-man opposition to lend verisimilitude to the quadrennial spectacle... as was, so obviously, the Democratic party's phoney-baloney 'socialist' twerp. In my outsider's view, Trump is a real-deal, loose cannon, populist, for two reasons. One, he was madly opposed by the Republican establishment, who tried almost every option to expel him as their candidate, regardless of his impressive polling numbers early on. Two, it's obvious that the media are raining on Trump's parade every chance they get, in a desperate bid to get Hillary elected.

Also, in support of point two, the leftist media camp are wildly misrepresenting Clinton's true situation as a viable candidate. They are completely ignoring her recurrent signs of serious health problems that have manifested in her public appearances. These issues are getting so egregious that some are wondering if she'll even be able to carry on as the DNC candidate at all. But even leaks of her medical records are simply disregarded, and the ebullient coverage proceeds apace.

What will it take for reality to break thru the matrix of lies that frames American live theatre? The manipulative media apparently believe they can keep the illusions going ad infinitum. Yet we live in the Apocalyptic Age, when all things, all truth, must be revealed. Everywhere, there are cracks splitting the mind-screens generated by the masters of illusion.

Surveys indicate that more people are turning away from the odious TV news and getting their information from the Internet. Of course, this is both good and bad. Some of the big Internet sources are affiliated with the networks, so they just repeat the same nonsense. But there are plenty of 'alternative' sources, that provide a wide range of views that frequently challenge the prevailing 'wisdom' of the illusion-builders.

More than that, tho, is the power of an info-bit to 'go viral,' spreading widely across the World-wide Web in a short time to reach many individuals who would not otherwise be aware of it. This is how the younger generation communicates, and surveys indicate their growing disdain for the establishment mouthpieces and their drum-beat messages.

History demonstrates that the great majority of the population only wake up to a crisis when it crashes around their ears. There are always prophets ('opinion leaders') on the leading edge who sound the alarms before the crisis occurs, but the flocks of sheeple prefer good news to dark warnings. The 'normalcy bias' prevails... until it's too late.

The mass media are always the main purveyors of the norm-- which they define in the first place. It's the news editors who select the stories to be told; who edit and slant the stories in whatever is the desired direction; who choose the words that convey just the right color, often just on the edge of blatant lies. They may get their story right from government or corporate 'spokespersons,' who are trained in the skills of artful disinformation.

Our modern world, as prescient writers like Orwell and Huxley warned, is built on a web of illusion. The agencies behind the mass illusion even tell us about it, publicly. Of course, they do it the same way those authors did, using the cover of fiction. Consider the popular movie, the Matrix, and its derivatives. Other movies like The Truman Show, They Live, Syriana, Air America, The International, Eyes Wide Shut, and many others portray how the world really works, often using allegories. Do the hidden puppet-masters give away the game just to flaunt their power to create reality; or are there 'rules' that require them to disclose their agenda? It doesn't matter; the masses find these clues entertaining, but obtain no useful knowledge from them.

The shame of it is that the vast majority of the Western populace believe the lies; after all, they heard it on XYZ from their favorite news reader. We've been trained, indoctrinated from nursery school to graduate school, to have implicit trust in the system, in our authorities. The few rugged individuals who have discovered the game and try to warn their fellow citizens are, instead of being believed, denounced as conspiracy nuts! Welcome to my world.

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