February 24, 2016

Missing Piece of the Apocalypse

There's no lack of pundits on the web who see the egregious transgressions of plain reason being forced on this planet and its population. They come at their observations from a wide variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and prejudices. You would think then, that every angle would have been covered by now. Yet there's still something that very few alternative commentators have aired.

As many of them have observed, every aspect of human existence has been attacked, undermined, and subverted in various, subtle ways. Healthcare has become sick care management, education is cultural indoctrination, the defence department is really about offence, the news is really propaganda, and on it goes. All our institutions have morphed into their ideological opposites.

One of the most blatant instances of this inversion is the manner in which unbridled industry goes about the systematic destruction of the planet. While making pious pronouncements about 'sustainable development,' big business tears down forests, leaving behind vast clear-cut swathes; chisels away mountains in mining operations; pumps gas and petroleum out of the bowels of the earth; all with no regard for the interconnectedness of all things.

To the above indignities one can add things like complex and fragile nuclear power reactors that release radioactive leakage into the atmosphere and waterways. And there was never a proper plan in place anywhere for the safe disposal of the toxic waste products. These radioactive by-products are capable, in the worst case, of killing great numbers of living things. There are 100s of nuclear power plants around the world. Several have failed catastrophically. The destroyed reactors at Daichi, Japan, are leaking radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean, as well as into the air currents. Ironically, the prevailing air and ocean currents are carrying the toxic particles to North America, from where the atomic bombs came that were dropped on Japan in WW2. Still don't believe in karma?

If the threat of destruction by environmental degradation were not enough, the forces behind the historical trajectory are working on another angle, as if to ensure a negative outcome by whatever means. Having hijacked the world's biggest military power, the masters of chaos have been wielding it like a blunt weapon, beating up on pre-designated 'enemies' whose crime has been to refuse to play their globalist game. Thus we have the never-ending tragedy of wars in the Middle East, plus conflict in the Ukraine, and currently, major-power tensions in the South China Sea.

To anyone looking beyond the superficial 'news' about Syria, the situation there clearly has the potential to be the trigger point for the next-- and last-- world war. Funding, training, supplying, and using vicious Muslim extremists as their proxy soldiers, the U.S./NATO are fighting against Syrian gov't ground troops and their Russian air cover. Now with the Turkish gov't threatening an invasion across their border, and the Saudis offering military support, Syria could become the fuse that triggers global Armageddon.

Okay, a few astute readers will snort that they know all these facts; so what more is there to add? This is where the objective person either gets it, and sees the coherent picture, or else continues looking at the seeming disjointed collection of phenomena.

First of all, the total range of assaults on this planet and its benighted inhabitants is not in the slightest accidental or simply due to random bad luck. No, it has been carefully planned for a very long time. Nor, incredibly, is it a secret plan! No, the modus operandi of this operation has been stated in plain sight on every US dollar bill in circulation. The Latin phrase Ordo ab Chao inscribed on the great seal says it baldly-- order out of chaos. What order? one might ask. Again, 'they' tell us the answer-- Novus Ordo Seclorum,' the new Order of the Age, a.k.a. The New World Order.

Alright, many readers are aware of those things, too. However, almost everyone believes that the perpetrators of all the destructive chaos are pursuing their crazy plan with the aim of killing off 95% of Earth's population so that they can rule as lords over the remnant. No doubt, most (if not all) of the hidden puppet-masters also believe that this is what they're doing. But, they're all wrong! You see, the reason the evil manipulators-- collectively known as the Illuminati-- have been so successful is because they've had supernatural direction... from their god. And their god, lest you be in any doubt, is the dark lord, Satan. He is the master of deception-- or, the father of lies, in Jesus' words (John 8:44).

Satan's earthly henchmen may be convinced that they'll inherit the Earth, tho how they can be so stupid is squarely in the realm of 'the mystery of iniquity.' (Would you like to survive to live on a destroyed planet?)

Turns out, Satan is not so stupid; he's read the back of the book, and knows that he's close to his termination. He is, however, desperately cynical. His end-game strategy is simple-- destroy God's beautiful creation, and take down as many humans as possible. Why? Just out of sheer, malicious, evil spite, that's why.

So, there's the ultimate piece that almost all the 'alternative' pundits have missed. It's a zero-sum game, and Satan loses in the bitter end. Meanwhile, he's going all-out to destroy as much of creation as he possibly can-- this planet, the human race included. The Book of Revelation states that the 'great men'-- the 'elite' who have built underground bunkers ('caves') in anticipation of the coming destruction-- will beg the mountains to protect them from the coming wrath of God... to no avail, in the end. (Rev 6:15).

Thus Satan has deceived the whole world; not just the masses of uninformed people, but even those he uses to achieve his twisted, kamikaze mission. Only the Bible gives us the true picture of these End Time events. Disbelieve at your eternal peril.


  1. This was an EXCELLENT article! Your conclusion was so "right on". However, in the sentence "The Latin phrase Ordo ab Chao inscribed on the great seal says it baldly", did you mean "badly" or "boldly"? Thanks for clarification and keep up the good work:)

  2. Thanks for your feedback! Actually, I meant 'baldly' (as it appears), which is not commonly used in American English, but moreso in 'British English.' Meaning 'fully apparent;' (no hair to obscure it!). ;-)