September 17, 2010

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Many opponents of the unfolding trap of the New World dis-Order have made the observation that the criminal cabal that is orchestrating it is, comparatively, a very small minority of people relative to the masses they hope to enslave. Hence, it ought to be easy to defeat that small band, and restore some badly-needed sanity to the planet. Plainly, tho, that is not happening; not by a long shot. There are probably a million theories as to why this is so... indeed, it would accord completely with the core of my thesis.

You see, that is the problem for the 'good guys'-- there's a gazillion ideas on essentially everything, these days. And now with the Web and multiple media, they all have a platform, no matter how miniscule, from which to proclaim their zealous conjectures. If you happen to be a newbie to the field popularly (if not sneeringly) referred to as 'conspiracy theory,' and you sincerely seek some enlightenment on what's going on, and who's behind it, then you are in for a very frustrating journey. There's just no sugar-coating the situation-- it's chaotic. Just try an Internet search (better not with Google, if you want to keep it confidential) using terms like conspiracy, and see the tidal wave of 'information' that emerges. Or, if you're a book-lover, try the same tactic at, or even go down to your local bookstore and peruse the volumes. You can't help but be overwhelmed by the number of books that's stacked on the shelves each visit, with new titles added every month, and no end in sight.

What's particularly intimidating about this tsunami of information is not just its sheer mass-- the number of websites, books, articles, newsletters, etc. The real shock is from the breadth of opinion displayed by all these sources. You'll find virtually anything you could imagine, and more; (much more, since our imaginations aren't what they used to be). This is where the problem lays for the seeker of truth who yearns for a beacon of trustworthy light in the obscurity of the information storm. These sources don't just express a variety of opinions; they frequently are diametrically opposed to each another. And the authors often state bluntly that the alternative theories are utter nonsense, never to be believed. So, for every dilemma confronting modern humankind, there's a superabundance of opinions promising to have the answer as to the why's and who's.

Given this modern 'Tower of Babel' of understanding, what is a sincere, unbiased seeker to do? Well, apparently, there are few such creatures around. It seems that most of us are biased, whether we acknowledge it or not... and most of us don't. We all are the product of cultural indoctrination of some kind, that colors our perceptions of the world and its shenanigans. Like tinted contact lenses, these world-views create a distortion of all that we see, and are often self-reinforcing since most people only believe new information that supports their old views, rarely able to accept data that contradicts their existing paradigm. In practice, this means that a neophyte seeker will do a quick survey of the vast panoply of choices of possible theories, probably examining no more than 3 or 4 'samples', and then settle on one school of thought that, generally, agrees with his/her unspoken, pre-existing paradigm ('bias' to be honest). Isn't that how it usually works? Few of us have the luxury, or interest, in screening reams of data, looking for something better than the good, old standards that have served us to the present moment.

There are a few people, however, for whom the quest will not be terminated so conveniently. No, those few have a burning desire to know the Truth, and will not rest easy until they believe they've found it. Many of those, tho, don't understand that this is a perpetual endeavor. You can acquire greater truth, but the full truth can only be approached 'asymptotically,' to use a mathematical analogy. Nonetheless, we can gain sufficient accurate information (truth) to see what is really happening in the world, and who is responsible for it. That will be seen as an arrogant, or foolish, assertion in view of what I've already stated about the babble of voices proclaiming their 'truths.' Yes; but the alternative is to be a nihilist, believing nothing, and existing as a cognitive animal.

Thus, the problem remains-- how can one discern the true amidst a thick fog of confusing data? One has to rely on principles of discernment ('hermeneutics' to the theology buffs) and apply them as diligently as possible. Listed below are the ones that work for me. I urge you to try them for yourself.

1. Be fearless! By that, I mean you have to be willing to read/hear anything, no matter how outlandish it seems, no matter how it deviates from your inherited world-view. After some time of doing this, you will start to know what has value, rings true, and what is worthless and not to be pursued. But you can't just stick with what sounds familiar and safe and 'mainstream.'

2. Trust common sense! We've been programmed from birth to defer to experts in every field, since the world is so complicated that no-one can be knowledgeable in everything. Yet, if you examine the facts, the so-called experts have been wrong (drastically wrong) many times, and with serious consequences. We have been made with a built-in sense of morality (recognized as conscience) and, moreover, an innate sense of what is true and what is 'BS.' Sadly, that latter sense, called 'common,' has been badly denigrated in the past century, and few people are capable of exercising it reliably, anymore. When you see a building collapse as if by controlled demolition, believe it! Don't swallow some cockeyed nonsense about fire weakening steel beams, etc. etc. that has never before happened in 100 years of steel-reinforced sky-scrapers. When people first attacked tobacco as dangerous to health, did it really take 3 decades of 'science' to tell us that smoking caused diseases? Some call it trusting your gut, or intuition; but it's not to be dismissed when that inner red light starts flashing, no matter what the so-called experts proclaim.

3. Don't stop searching! Just because you've currently found something that really appeals to you, and seems to provide all the answers, don't get lazy and stop the search. I've fallen for that trap, and lost years up the wrong creek. Fortunately, there's always something to learn even from error, but the point remains-- make it a life-long quest. Just when we think we've got the answers, there's always something that upsets the apple-cart. Rather than give up, we have to recognize that it's a process of constant iteration; one truth leads to another, and so on. Never stop learning.

4. Be cautious; stay skeptical! This may be obvious; yet we all have a tendency to get excited when we think we've found the pot of gold. Too often, it is merely the rainbow, which may be beautiful but proves intangible. The purveyors of world views are always convinced that their outlook is the ultimate. But no matter how attractive it appears, every paradigm has its flaws and weaknesses. You've got to find them, and judge whether the overall package retains merit. When it comes to news, you have to keep uppermost in mind that there is always a desired angle to everything they report. Too much data is at times worse than not enough, because it can obscure truth and send us chasing down worthless leads. More than ever, much of what is presented as information is really disinformation-- deliberately fabricated stories intended to lead people astray. Typically, the disinfo contains large portions of truth; but those truths are used as a Trojan Horse to entice us to accept the rest of the package as equal truth, while it is really lies.

5. Cui bono?-- Find who benefits! More and more, this criterion is becoming the litmus test of truth, as money becomes the all-consuming goal of so many. Who was funding all those 'studies' that exonerated tobacco as a cause of disease? Today, it's the studies that pooh-pooh the dangers of cell-phone use, or the risks of infant inoculations, or the effects of aspartame, and so on. It's the industries themselves-- the foxes who appoint themselves guardians of the hen houses! Who benefits from the constant wars that seem to be a vital part of the US economy? Who benefited from the 9-11 attacks? Don't settle for the canned answers spouted by the MSM (mainstream media)!

6. Dig! When you read/hear of a breaking news story, don't buy into whatever the media feed us. Remember, 96% of the mainstream media are owned by one block of six companies... all with subtle connections. There is a massive but cunning bias in all the news presented to (especially) the American/Western audiences. You must be aware of this, spot the biases, and look for supplementary sources to give a fuller and proper perspective. One useful tip is to take note of the initial details of a breaking story, since very often, useful data slips thru before the gate-keepers realize what's important and what's not. In such cases, I save those reports to my computer for later reference, because they typically disappear from view, never to be seen again (in polite company, anyway). The simple fact that these details are subsequently flushed from sight makes it obvious that they are significant, and usually damning of certain hidden factions.

7. Avoid the tradition traps! You know, 'if was good enough for my parents, it's good enough for me.' This is probably the most common trap of religion, but surprisingly often rears its ugly head in other areas. For example, if your parents were atheists, does that mean you should embrace atheism without scrutiny? You consider yourself a proud patriot, but are you aware of how your politicians jerk you around by that emotional leash? Maybe you're proud of your ethnic heritage; again, it's saddled you with a mental shackle that you've got to cast off if you really want to see the world accurately. Perhaps you're one of those recognized experts in some field of knowledge. Fine, but if you think your discipline explains the universe, you're setting yourself up for big disappointments or empty self-delusion. Anything that appeals to pride, or comes with a pre-packaged outlook, must be seen for what it is-- a superficial, distracting filter on clear vision.

8. Don't blithely trust 'them!' We've been conditioned from earliest years to respect authority, and to take it for granted that 'they' (teachers, priests, doctors, politicians, policemen, etc.) have our best interests at heart, and would not knowingly deceive us. This naïve notion must be discarded onto the remotest junk-heap of human thinking! Not that all authorities are evil. But the sad reality of this fallen Age is that many of those who rise to the upper echelons have done so by less than ethical means. And those in a position of authority often succumb to the temptation to abuse that trust. We have numerous examples of this behavior, so there should be no excuse for assuming that whatever they tell us must be true and beneficial. Instead, we should assume the opposite, and then verify how trustworthy it is.

9. Look at the big picture! This is the key step... and the one most often missed. So many people see the world in one dimension, thru a mental monocular. It's vital to consider all possible pieces of the puzzle if you want to assemble a coherent picture. Bits of information that appear unrelated to most, may have deeper connections. Slices of partial data that seem useless by themselves, can become significant when lined up with other pieces of incomplete data. Critics may say that schizophrenics can find meaningful connections between any events; but I'm talking about sensible links that are too often overlooked by people who've been trained to see what the magicians tell them is there.

Those are the main tools that I use to filter out the truth from the BS. It has taken a long time to develop that tool kit, but it has proven its value, at least to me. I offer it to all readers, free of charge, in the fervent hope that you will learn to use it fully and constantly to construct an accurate model of our reality, and protect yourself from the abuses of those who fabricate for their own purposes. You can start by applying these principles to this very essay! That's right, if this paradigm is to be trusted, it must satisfy you that it works. So go ahead; see if it resonates with your inner being, and if you can find flaws in the logic, and if it helps you decipher the signs of the times.

What prompted this article was my last foray into Amazon's recommended book list, and seeing scholarly tomes that flew in the face of everything I've come to embrace as true. What is wrong with these people?, I wondered. How can they be so blind, so incapable of seeing the truth that stares us in the face? I realize that there are traps aplenty to lead the most intelligent astray, and that, most often, those traps are of our own construction or choosing. Also, today especially, many books are published for the purpose of misleading the masses. For example, we have seen a highly concerted effort over the past decade or so, to convince the world that climate change is caused by humans ('anthropogenically caused'). Yet, if you do the research, you find that, contrary to what we are told, there is no 'consensus among eminent scientists' on this matter, at all. In fact, the opposite is the case-- eminent scientists are appalled that their views are withheld and misrepresented to make it appear that science supports human causation. It's the media that have fabricated a so-called consensus favoring anthropogenic global warming. Besides Al Gore and his road show, there are books galore in support of the desired climate agenda, all part of a vast conspiracy to impose carbon credit trading and various other 'necessary measures' that will bring more wealth and control to the ruling elites. Beware of any scheme that accomplishes those ends.

In a babble of voices clamoring their wares, there can only be one truth. The easy tactic of the puppet-masters is to bury the truth in an avalanche of information, some valid, and most of it not. It is a brilliant strategy, since it does not require heavy-handed, game-revealing actions such as imposing draconian restrictions or martial law and the like. Under the banner of freedom of information, we are supplied with a glut of data so imposing that most people happily accept the easy route to 'knowledge' by believing the major newspapers and television stations. The ultra-conservatives flock to their favorite radio talk-show hosts, who whip them into a froth over the imminent dangers of Communism and (horrors!) publicly-funded health care. Ultra-liberals must have similar havens of numb-skullery. The point is that we tend to seek the demagogue and the dogma that promotes what we already (are inclined to) believe. By applying my BS detection kit, you can filter thru all the daily nonsense, and eventually assemble a paradigm that makes sense (at least to you). Good luck to every sincere seeker of truth.

September 10, 2010

The Beast of Revelation Is Is...

A ‘beast’ with seven heads and ten horns; another beast that looks innocent as a lamb but ‘speaks as a dragon;’ a mysterious mark, and that renowned number, 666-- what’s it all about?
Probably no book has been as misused as the Bible, and no part of the Bible as mystifying and misunderstood as the Revelation. In particular (coincidentally?) one of the more misinterpreted parts of Revelation is Chapter 13-- the famous source of the ‘beasts’ and ‘666,’ and so on. My contention is that the eschatological prophecies are deliberately obscure, but that they become increasingly transparent as we approach the ‘End Times’ they describe. In this regard, the puzzling chapter 13 is proving to be a key to comprehension. This essay investigates that portion of Revelation in the light of recent history.

In the interests of condensing a long discussion into a readable article, I have to assume that the reader has read (better yet studied) the book of Revelation, and moreover, understands that the book defines its strange imagery within its very pages for those who observe.

The first eight verses describe a ‘beast’ that rises from the ‘sea,’ having ‘ten horns and seven heads,’ each horn crowned by a diadem, and each head showing ‘blasphemous names.’ We are told that ‘the dragon gave him his power, and throne, and great authority.’ Verse three is crucial, and many have stumbled on it: “I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast.” This amazing beast clearly becomes very powerful, and so arrogant as to blaspheme God, and to persecute His people.

Verses 11 to 18 then turn the spotlight on ‘another beast,’ who comes out of the earth, and who looks like a lamb, externally, but who speaks ‘like a dragon.’ This beast seems to focus world attention on the first beast, and makes everyone worship it. He enforces the famous ‘mark’ on the hand or forehand that must be received in order to buy or sell. Chapter 13 ends with the infamous number, 666, ‘the number of the beast,’ that is said to somehow designate ‘a man.’

This short chapter would be pretty difficult to unlock on its own; but it so happens that chapter 17 seems to rehearse the same scenario, but from quite a different perspective. By combining the clues from the two chapters, I believe a coherent pattern emerges.

In chapter 17, John is shown a ‘harlot’ sitting on a ‘scarlet beast having seven heads and ten horns,’ clearly establishing a link with the earlier vision (of ch. 13). On her forehead is written the mysterious name ‘Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ She is described as drunk with the blood of the saints. In verse eight the beast is twice described as one that ‘was, and is not, and will come;’ a phrase that is repeated again in verse 11. That verse goes on to state that he is ‘also an eighth and is one of the seven.’ The last verses of chapter 17 describe how ‘ten kings’ will wage war against ‘the Lamb,’ but will be defeated. They turn against the harlot, and destroy her, and the last verse defines her as ‘the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.’

Now; let’s start putting the clues together, letting scripture define its own terms as much as possible, and always bearing in mind that Revelation is a symbolic book. Most of the symbols used by John echo similar ones used 6 centuries earlier in the book of Daniel, which were explained in the text. Similarly, the ‘angel/guides’ in Revelation give John the general meanings of the symbols in the visions. Summarizing very briefly, they are...
Beast = ‘kingdom,’ country, empire (Rev 17:10, Dan 7:17); Dragon = Satan, the Devil (Rev 12:9, 20:2); Sea = populous area; the ‘old world’ (Rev 17:15); Horns = kings, rulers (Dan 7:24); Heads = governments, nations; Diadems = sign of authority, rulership; Blasphemous - indicates un-Godly; Tabernacle=the ‘church’, ‘saints’, who are spiritually residents of heaven; harlot = apostate community (Ezek 23:4); judgment = fate, punishment; waters = people, populations (Rev 17:15). Also, we should know that numbers are used symbolically in the Bible, where seven indicates perfection, completion; and ten indicates (stands for) a complete or inclusive set. Many commentators, ancient and modern, have become hopelessly sidetracked because they do not accept the Bible’s own definitions, and try to impose their own! For example, many pundits have assumed that the beasts stand for people (e.g. the Pope); but the scriptures don’t say that; they tell us explicitly that they’re kingdoms (or nations, today).

Re-capping the main points of the text in plain language, we can see that :
1. The text refers to a kingdom (nation) that had disappeared (was slain) at the time of John’s writing (set at about 90 AD), yet would reappear later in history;
2. when this nation reappears it will cause people to be amazed;
3. this nation is associated with the name of a man; and perhaps aspires to attain godly heights… their way.
4. this nation was among a group of 7 that existed in a then-populous region-- i.e. the Middle East-- before it was extinguished;
5. when it reappears, it will be in some ‘new’ form (different from the 1st appearance);
6. this nation is associated with a false religion somehow;
7. there is another nation that appears later (after John’s day), that will be closely allied with the restored nation-- it wasn’t one of the original 7; but when it arises in an unpopulated area, it will enforce homage to the restored nation;
8. the ‘new nation’ will first appear benign (lamb-like), but will issue draconian edicts that will cause all other nations to ‘fall into line’ with it;
9. the new nation is being directed by a false, apostate religion;
10. there seems to be a blurring between the woman as a church and as a ‘city,’ but in any case, there is a highly urbanized nation that exercises hegemony over all other nations;
11. a set of ‘ten’ symbolic kingdoms arise in the end-times and they give their ‘power and authority’ to the restored kingdom for a brief time (17:12-13) until Jesus defeats them.

When you look at the facts laid out like this, while there may still be some fuzzy details, nonetheless, some conclusions jump out as inescapable!

As soon as you mention ‘restored nation’ the obvious candidate that leaps out is ‘Israel’. Its name comes directly from ‘a man,’ their patriarch Jacob who was renamed Israel (Gen 32:28). Ancient Israel was one of a group of seven prominent kingdoms in the Middle East that includes Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Babylonia, and Rome. With their rejection of the Messiah, Israel’s treasured cultural religion, Judaism, became an antichristian blasphemy. As a nation, Israel has always aspired to ‘help’ God do things their way. From the taking of the Promised Land, to the Pharisaical plot to eliminate Jesus, the children of Israel preferred their deeds over God’s providence. The dramatic restoration of the Jewish homeland, named Israel, in the land of Palestine in 1948 was indeed seen as amazing, even miraculous, by the on-looking world. While many assumed that it must be due to God’s intervention, others who have investigated the creation of modern Israel, find that it was, instead, due to conniving plans dating back to the late 19th century (as Zionism) and renewed following the First World War, by the Balfour Declaration. It was not God’s hand that was involved, but that of the Dragon, motivating Zionist agents behind the scenes of diplomacy.

The Bible had this insight long before any modern pundit could possibly discern the covert machinations that culminated in a restored Jewish state. However, this resuscitated nation is a pretender! Altho populated by Jews (progeny of Judah, one of Israel’s 12 sons), they call themselves Israel, in pretense of comprising the original, full 12 tribes of Jacob. Even IF all 12 tribes should be represented in today’s Israel, Jewish researchers have found that those known as Ashkenazi Jews (who engineered the takeover of Palestine) are actually descended from the Khazar people, who lived in the Caucasus region, and whose king made his whole nation convert to Judaism in the eighth century. And whereas ancient Israel, the state, occasionally worshipped the true God, the new nation follows a worldly, ultra-nationalist, anti-religion known as Zionism. Thus, ‘Israel’ has reappeared, but in a new, ersatz format, just as predicted. (See also, Rev 3:9 for another hint about Israel.)

Now, the second prominent nation, the later one that originates in a less populous region, seems to reach its zenith near the culmination of apocalyptic events. Again, on the evidence, there’s one nation that immediately springs to mind-- the USA. Obviously, it didn’t exist at the time of John. And when it did appear, it arose in the ‘new world’, far from the populations of the old world. With its declaration of the rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly in regard to religious worship, the USA indeed looked lamb-like, and the two horns could symbolize the separation of church and state. Lately, there is no doubt about the dragon-like voice with which the US government has been throwing its weight around the world over the last 60 years or more. All nations of the world are compelled to heed the voice of the US government, whether they like it or not. In the vivid imagery of Revelation, this beast calls down fire from heaven, and deceives the Earth with the ‘signs’ he has the power to perform in front of the world. This made little sense-- until the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, and recapitulated in the ‘Shock and Awe’ invasion of Iraq, that is. Now it reads as prescient indeed!

The lobbying of the ‘religious right’ has become increasingly influential since the Reagan presidency of the 1980s-- some call it a profane, false Christianity ‘directing’ affairs in D.C. And that camp is closely linked to Zionist (‘Judaic’) interests (hence, ‘Judeo-Christianity’). That is the cursory analysis of ‘the harlot riding the beast.’ However, one could argue that the religious right is still, nominally, Christian, and not really what the prophecy points to. There exists a more covert connection between an abominable religion and the US administration. Summarizing a vast amount of evidence, let me state simply that there is undeniable evidence that the individuals who populate the US administration are linked to a panoply of occult practices and symbolism that can be traced back to ancient Babylon. These politicians congregate at the ‘Bohemian Grove’ (California) annually to indulge in bizarre, satanic rituals. That is their abominable, antichristian religion. It is well known that G.W. Bush, J.F. Kerry, and many other political figures are members of the Yale U. secret society called the ‘Skull and Bones.’ Many high-placed officials in Washington are associated with various occult/Masonic societies, as a little Internet research will attest. It could be sensibly argued that this ‘mystery cult’ of the elite more accurately represents the prostitute of the prophecy.

One can think of Zionism as a geo-political conspiracy for the ‘New World Order’ whose top names come largely from the ranks of Jews. In any case, it is indisputable that the cabinet in Washington is dominated by Zionist interests promoted by Israeli-American ‘dual-citizens.’ Leveraging these ‘inside assets,’ the Israeli government exerts influence over the USA, particularly to do its dirty work in the Middle East. For decades the US delegation has used its veto in the Security Council of the United Nations to prevent censure of Israel. Lately, US foreign policy seems to be dictated by Tel Aviv. The First and Second Gulf Wars make little sense except when analyzed in the light of Israel using US military power to subdue its enemies. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure and killing non-combatants, the US waited until it was too late before expressing some measure of reservation over the Israeli depredations. While Israel and the USA make an uproar about supposed nuclear ambitions by Iran, they simply ignore the open secret that Israel already possesses nuclear weapons, and has the means to deploy them. Any nation fingered by Washington must jump and salute; however, Israel gets a free pass. In other words, the ‘second beast’-- the USA-- causes the rest of the world to worship the first beast-- Israel. The trend is so marked that we can see that it’s a hallmark of the ‘New World Order.’

As many commentators have speculated, the 10 horns (of 17:12) probably refer to the countries of the European Union, that have had reservations about Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, yet in the end, support the US-British backing of Israel. Once EU membership exceeded ten nations, some pundits abandoned this view. But they fail to note that ‘ten’ is simply a symbolic count for an inclusive set. And in any case, only ten or fewer countries have significant influence on EU foreign affairs. This view also is in accord with Daniel’s vision of the statue in chapter 2, where the feet and toes (‘of iron mixed with clay’) have long been identified as the ‘revived Roman Empire’ embodied in the modern EU, with its strained mix of strong and feeble economies.

Many commentators have taken the picture of ‘buying and selling’ in chapter 13 quite literally, and have weaved some rather bizarre scenarios based on that view (e.g. micro-chips, bar-codes in people’s flesh). However, it’s not unreasonable to take the figure as symbolic… but, of what? Perhaps Proverbs 23:23 gives a clue: “Buy truth, and do not sell it, Get wisdom and instruction and understanding.” By means of so-called ‘anti-hate’ laws, it is becoming almost impossible for anyone to legitimately question Israeli policies and actions. Increasingly, no one in Western societies can dare openly criticize Israel without unleashing severe censure. It doesn’t take much imagination to foresee a time when any expression of reservation about Israel will result in prison or even death. And yet, how can we ‘get understanding’ if any criticism of Israel is crushed by so-called ‘anti-hate laws?’ Zechariah 11:4-6 is another passage that puts buying and selling in the context of duplicitous and predatory exploitation of one class by another, and God’s judgment on them. So, Rev 13:17 may be alluding to the fact that no one can speak truth about Israel and religion, but only mouth what the state permits.

Nonetheless, with the huge crises in the world banking system in recent years, it is equally possible that the ‘buying and selling’ may be literal. A little research will confirm that the global banking regime is largely in the hands of a cabal of Jews, and that they have, in fact, implemented a key strategy cited in the enigmatic ‘Protocols of Zion.’ That is, the world’s banks are under the management of a tiny elite, and all money is regarded as debt owed to them. Hence, they have total control over money, and with the advent of computerized records systems and banking cards, the banks can exert unparalleled monitoring of transactions (ie. buying and selling). Many pundits have postulated that we are heading for a system where micro-chips will replace tangible money, and the prophetic vision could be realized literally.

The one piece of the puzzle that escapes me at present is the question of the ‘image of the beast.’ While the other pieces fall into place fairly neatly, this one is far from obvious, at least at this time. I expect that it will become apparent as events unfold, but for the time being, the image is an open question. The NIV translates the passage as: “an image in honor of the beast.” The NASB and the KJV translation is: “an image to the beast.” In the Amplified Bible, the passage reads: “a statue (an image) in the likeness of the beast.” So, we have the later nation commanding the inhabitants of the earth to ‘make an image’ that represents the first (restored) nation in some manner.

My guess is that the construction of the image hasn’t yet happened, and when it does, we will be close to the end of the game. I predict that when the USA proposes some kind of ‘solution’ to the Middle East crisis that involves enforced homage to something that stands for (symbolizes, represents) the state of Israel, then we will recognize the fulfillment of this graphic prophecy. I expect that whatever it is, it will be a surprise to all, yet clear to those who remember scripture.

The other puzzle-piece is the ultimate uncovering of the false, apostate, mystic religion that masquerades as Judeo-Christianity, and that exercises covert control over the nations. It has long been realized that the Vatican, seat of Roman Catholic authority, is full of mystic symbolism derived from Egyptian and Babylonian sources. And since ‘Mystery Babylon’ is the ‘mother of ALL harlots,’ then all the Christian denominations are implicated, not just Roman Catholicism. Similarly, modern Judaism, via the Talmud, is heavily influenced by Kabbalah, a mystic school that dates back to the time of their captivity in ancient Babylon. Some investigators claim covert connections between the Vatican and Zionists, and although those theories are speculative, there’s no doubting the common lineage of their mystic symbolism, namely, Babylon.

Finally, I should anticipate one observation that some readers who are versed in history may raise. The predictive imagery of widespread, bloody persecution of true believers by an apostate church prevailing upon government to do its bidding, may ring familiar. Yes, it happened during the Dark Ages, when the official, Rome-based Church persecuted ‘heretics’ of all kinds, especially those who revered the Bible. However, it is possible for prophecy to have a primary, literal fulfillment, and a later, figurative reprise. Thus, the persecution of the first millennium could be repeated in its characteristics in this third millennium, with different actors but the same plot... and a much shorter time frame. Indeed, almost all exponents of eschatology have identified the (first) Beast (of Rev. 13) as the Roman Catholic Church or the European Union. But, the reader should see, now, that this can’t be: John repeats the phrase ‘that was, and is not, and will come’ for the purpose of making a point. That point should not be lost on us, latter day readers, who need it most! (Refer to item no. 1, above, in the summary of facts). Only Israel had existed prior to John’s last writing (ca. 90 AD), had gone into oblivion in 70 AD, and ‘re-appeared’ two millennia later. This ‘kingdom’ therefore, cannot be the Roman church or the EU... nor some yet-to-emerge 'Antichrist!' With the acuity of hindsight, I think it is clear that the prophecies of Daniel focus on the history of the early Christian church, while those of Revelation move the spotlight to the End of the Age, and the geo-political turmoil of these times.


What I hope this analysis demonstrates is that without imposing a lot of exogenous, novel, dogmatic interpretations on the text, and allowing the scriptures to illuminate themselves, a sensible picture readily emerges… and, without the need of a Ph.D. in something or other to do so. And another important thing is that the Bible is not a book of science-fiction or technological predictions. The abstract scenes in Revelation are sketches of geo-political and geo-religious currents, not of helicopters, atomic weapons, and so on (as sensationally claimed by some American Evangelicals). And note that the whole panorama would not be comprehensible until the time when it is needed.

We must note that the text had to be written in such a way that an accurate prophecy can be presented without being so obvious that unscrupulous forces could suppress or alter it. And yet, the clues are skillfully encoded so that someone who has a reasonable understanding of history, and allows the scripture to explain itself, can gain a fairly clear grasp of who the actors are, and what they are doing. Still, the picture only clarifies after the fact; i.e. after the forecast events actually begin, or as they unfold. In this process, it is astonishing to see how a book written millennia ago in a far-off land contains a description of the geo-political and religious situation that has unfolded over the last, mere half-century or so... within the lifetime of many who read this article. Friends, you can’t make this stuff up-- no human mind could produce the bizarre vision-clips of Revelation, and use them to accurately predict world political events 2,000 years in the future!

Clearly, the prophecies are designed to demonstrate and reveal that God is real and supreme, and that we can’t determine what will happen next-- it is entirely in His hands. Our job is just to trust and believe. I pray that sincere atheists will read this essay and have their eyes opened to the beauty of God’s scriptures. Remember, the Bible has been in a more or less final, ‘canonical’ state for many centuries. The prophecies survived intact to this day for the very purpose of demonstrating the genius behind them. No human could have achieved such a feat-- that’s why this book is truly a Revelation!

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