March 12, 2009

The Puzzle of Human Psychology

For many of us ‘pundits,’ the inability of the great majority to exercise sufficient brain-power to enable them to perceive the true state of the world, specifically, the presence of a bold conspiracy to subvert freedom among Western citizens, is baffling.
To those writers, and movie-makers, and musicians who see what is unfolding, it becomes self-evident; hence our puzzlement with our fellow-citizens. Various cogent theories have been advanced to account for the flourishing of evil in our midst with little opposition from the majority. Author and psychiatrist Raymond Peck, in his book ‘The People of the Lie,’ had a chapter on psychopaths in government, the military, and other organizations; but he didn’t pursue the matter, admitting the subject itself was psychically fatiguing. Recently, Andrzej M. Łobaczewski, advanced the study with new research, and gave it the name ‘Political Ponerology’-- ‘A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes’.

Before this generation of studies, tho, the eminent scholar, Immanuel Velikovsky, proposed a very interesting theory as a prelude to his ground-breaking research into ‘catastrophism’-- studies into past calamities that have drastically altered the geography, flora and fauna of this planet. To mainstream science, any talk of calamity is anathema. The high-priests of orthodoxy in all branches of science adhere religiously to the dogma of uniformitarianism-- that the universe is highly stable, and all change comes about by processes that take eons. They have bought into Darwinian evolution-- which is premised on this doctrine of minute changes in organisms occurring over vast spans of time. And they defend this faith with any and every means at their disposal, which entails a lot of very un-academic, ad hominen (and irrational) attacks on those who would dare propose alternative theories.

In Velikovsky’s cosmos, the universe was far from stable, and Earth had undergone numerous encounters with celestial bodies that passed in the vicinity of our planet. The last several of these brushes even occurred in historical times, the records being captured in stories characterized by later ‘scholars’ as myths and religious allegory. To the unbiased eyes of a few true scholars, these stories yield an amazing tale of the passage of heavenly bodies close enough to Earth to trigger enormous upheavals in the oceans and continents around the globe, making huge alterations in the geography, and changing the course of history for all inhabitants who survive these disasters. Now, here’s the key idea that Velikovsky hit upon, especially when his seminal work ran into a storm of opposition from enraged ‘scholars.’ Being a trained psycho-therapist, he realized that there was more to this resistance than plain academic jealousy. He posited the idea of ‘racial denial,’ (my words) to characterize the rejection of unpalatable conjecture on our origins by the majority of people. Velikovsky stated that the cosmic catastrophes that destroyed previous civilizations were so traumatic to the surviving remnants that the memory was suppressed deep in our subconscious, where it continues to exert unwholesome influence over our contemporary thinking.

I think this notion of racial denial is quite brilliant. It makes sense out of what is, otherwise, completely irrational. When a majority can be easily led to reject the evidence of common sense, even sensory evidence, in preference for another, inferior explanation that lends support to a comforting and precious doctrine, it can only be labeled as irrational. Yet today’s ‘enlightened world’ is egregiously askew on any number of issues of vital importance to the collective well-being. And in each such case, the orthodox explanations are so inane-- despite being widely accepted-- that you have to acknowledge the validity of Velikovsky’s theory.

Just this week, a story that seemed to appear in all the major news media, despite its rather narrow, scientific interest, was the launch of the ‘Kepler’ space probe designed to search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe (i.e. by seeking ‘Earth-like’ planets). I had to laugh; what a joke! Every day and night on this planet (and apparently for millennia) there are sightings of ‘unidentified flying objects,’ of all kinds, performing spectacular feats of movement and light. And for decades, the agencies most connected with flight and investigation have either ignored or ridiculed the idea that these objects are piloted by intelligent beings from other worlds. Instead, our ‘authorities’ come up with ludicrous alternative ‘explanations,’ and stonewall all efforts to discover the truth about these UFOs. Now they have to spend another king’s ransom to launch a space probe looking for what’s right under their ignorant noses. Brilliant! And incidentally, if you’re one of the skeptics who still agrees that hundreds of thousands of people of all kinds-- including police and military officers, pilots, and ex-presidents-- are all seeing nothing more than animated swamp gas, or errant weather balloons, then consider another fact. What about the crop diagrams? Don’t try to offer the cock-and-bull nonsense that these are humanly created, because that is sheer stupidity. The mysterious glyphs that appear, in mere minutes, in fields of cereal crops primarily, are of amazing complexity and depict information of current importance in highly inventive ways, including geometric design, and astronomical configurations. There’s simply no way they can be man-made (although attempts are made to counterfeit them).

A similar bit of farce obtains in the case of the Martian probes. Both orbiters and surface-based probes have been sending back ‘anomalous data’ on surface structures for decades-- ever since the first Viking photographs of 1976 showed the image of a human face on a rock ‘mesa’ in the area called Cydonia. Successive probes have sent us thousands of photos showing all manner of curious, clearly artificial structures in various sites on Mars. And these are the ‘censored pictures,’ the ones that NASA/JPL has doctored to remove clear glimpses of the amazing structures. Other pictures, unreported by the ever-compliant mainstream media, show what would be immediately identified on an aerial Earth photo as forests and lakes. Yet, the consistent blather from NASA/ESA is that they are sending new probes to look for ‘signs of life’... by which they seem to mean microbes. Their on-going charade about ‘seeking indications of H2O’ sound beyond lugubrious, as they ignore signs of life all around the ‘red planet,’ right in their own photographs! Now, I’m not saying I’m amazed that NASA et al would play this foolish game; not at all. They seem to be committed to the lie of a stable Earth in a changeless universe. No, what’s more puzzling is why the majority can look at the news stories, maybe even see the ‘evidence,’ and then simply accept the BS explanations from the talking heads in the glowing box. That’s the amazing part.

The same kind of mass credulity of news stories or political pronouncements that are either obviously suspicious or at least ‘fishy sounding,’ prevails in all other areas of our lives. A topic that is now a permanent controversy is ‘climate change,’ where again the uniformitarian dogma holds sway, and we are to believe that since natural climate change takes centuries, the current global turmoil must be caused by humans, never mind copious evidence that contradicts this theory. What if, I ask you to ponder, the climate turmoil (i.e. warming in places, while winters produce record cold snaps) is not caused by carbon emissions? Without laying out the counter arguments, I challenge readers to think about how they would deal with such knowledge. And why have the media done such an about-face on global warming in the last decade? They started off as scoffers, then switched to staunch supporters of the UN-blessed explanation based on carbon build-up in the atmosphere. While the powers that be insist that there’s a consensus behind this theory, it doesn’t take long to discover that there’s really quite a serious opposition within scientific circles concerning the ‘favored’ theory. Again, the deniers can’t face the notion of impending-- and uncontrollable-- climate catastrophe.

Another persistent example of the power of denial is the nagging controversy over the true perpetrators of the attacks of ‘9-11-2001. Even while watching the events on ‘live’ TV, many observers realized that things just weren’t ‘adding up.’ Yet as if to anticipate such skepticism, the networks quickly produced ‘experts’ of all kinds (including, curiously, a stranger in the street... see Youtube) who recited a tissue of fabrications that offered the public the rationale they desperately wanted to hear for these ‘senseless acts.’ Despite all the myriad of details that defy the intelligence of a normal 10-year old child, the public largely has bought the official nonsensical story. Not to worry; the world makes sense, we can name the bad guys and the good guys, and it’s the business of war as usual, only this time it’s waged against ‘terrorists.’ No need to question your faith in the system; just believe in your government, and keep spending.

As I’ve written before, so pervasive is the power of the ‘media-manufactured culture,’ that the majority have lost their common sense. Actually, they’ve been convinced that they don’t have any common sense, or even any need for it. Instead, we turn all our reasoning and decision-making over to the magic box that talks, and has been our faithful informant all our lives. So the media machines keep pulling the wool over our heads, providing very fluent, convincing cow-crap uttered by suitable ‘experts’ with impressive credentials. In so many of these science controversies, those who define orthodoxy have circled their academic wagons, broken out the blunderbusses, and defended their sacred writ with all vigor. As Velikovsky postulated, the stalwarts of orthodoxy are unconsciously acting out of deep-seated denial that our world is really a vulnerable body whirling thru an unstable and unpredictable universe, one that poses unknown dangers to the survival of our species. This will be the ironic situation when the current accumulation of signals of planetary distress reach some kind of crisis: our mainstream experts will still be assuring us that all is well, it’s just a temporary problem, so do not adjust your receiver... and above all, do not attempt to exercise your common sense! While the whore-experts mime their lines, the great majority of box-watchers will nod their heads in puzzled agreement, wanting desperately to believe the unbelievable, that all is, indeed, normal, despite all the havoc taking place all around them. When the charade can no longer be maintained, and people have to face the fact that the sky is truly falling, there will be widespread social collapse. Probably many will have mental breakdowns, becoming virtually useless burdens on the rest. Others will be in shock, dealing with a reality that they could have seen coming for months, if not years, had they been capable of using the common sense that the manipulators scared them away from. These are typical consequences befalling those who retreat into convenient denial of unpleasant facts that disturb their assumed, stable existence. Readers are advised to reconsider the normalcy and stability of life on Earth at this time... and how you would cope with a ‘disruption’ (polite term) in your worldly rhythms.

March 6, 2009

Only Three Years to Go

As most serious web-heads know by now, the world is coming to an end on Dec. 21, 2012-- according to the now famous Mayan calendar-- and as of this writing, we are in March, 2009.
Let’s see... that leaves about three years, nine months, until the fateful day. If the various speculators are correct, the ‘New World Order’ should be in place before that date. Which means there is very little time to accomplish what some skeptics would consider impossible. I mean, how do you implement a world-wide government, when we’ve got several major ‘trading blocks’ (eg. EU, NAFTA, Asia) that seem to be rivals, and a lot of grass-roots sentiment against the expansion of WTO towards greater integration? And politically, there’s not much sign of harmony among nations these days. Even after two world wars and innumerable smaller but equally bloody ones, the UN has displayed only impotence in its ability to prevent, end, or mitigate international conflict. So, prospects for a one-world plutocracy don’t look very promising to say the least.

At one time, it would have appeared impossible to imagine going from this present, fragmented world to a one-world system of ‘governance’ (as ‘they’ prefer to call it), and especially in just three years. However, I think it’s entirely possible. If we should have learned anything in the last 20 years, it’s that the world can change literally overnight. Remember the ‘good, old USSR?’ When Gorbachev, its last leader, came along, it looked as if the Soviet Union was going to be rejuvenated. Yet within a very short time, the Berlin Wall was taken down, and along with it, the entire Soviet empire. We woke up one day, listened to the startling news about the wall, and it was a new world. The same thing happened at the start of this new Millennium. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I watched a special news broadcast of the events in New York and DC... and realized then that I was witnessing some kind of turning point for the world. Seven years later (and note the interval), another Earth-changing event unfolded on Wall Street (note the name!) whose consequences continue to reverberate in financial markets around the world. This economic melt-down will prove to be the key. The previous milestones were necessary, preparatory steps, but this is the strategy that will usher in the Brave New World Order.

Why do I say that? Because the economic crisis is crucial and it is world-wide. Step by inexorable step, the world has been maneuvered into the place it is now: i.e. an interlocking, global economy, based on fiat money, very dependent on the US dollar, and a communication system that makes the flow of money instantaneous. Like it or not, money has become the life-blood of the world; almost every society is based on money as the medium of commercial transaction. Take it away, and chaos ensues. (Note the word chaos.) It’s as if you painstakingly built a house of cards, and now someone comes along and starts blowing on it. In this case, the builders and the blowers are the same people! But, every nation has a card in that house, and those who are puffing on it are the banksters who designed and constructed the house. National governments are playing the stupid game of throwing money into a pit and pretending that strategy will somehow prevent the house from collapsing. In fact, they are just transferring more money into the hands of those who engineered the crisis.

My point is that the world is in a precarious situation, where some, probably unpredictable, incident somewhere in the financial matrix just has to fail, and it will bring the entire system crashing to the ground (whatever that metaphor will look like in financial terms). That incident will probably involve the utter collapse of the US dollar, which has been dying the death of a thousand cuts. When that happens (not ‘if’) there will be much grief, wailing, and gnashing of teeth around the world, especially from the middle classes who have something to lose, and very little stashed away. The banksters are waiting for the cry for ‘something to be done’ to fix the monetary crisis they fabricated, and they will unveil their solution. I don’t know what it will be, but some cannier pundits suggest it will be a global currency of some kind. Others-- who are ‘far out’-- claim it will involve ‘the mark of the beast,’ as spoken of in the esoteric Book of Revelation, in the Bible-- like a tattooed bar-code, or a subcutaneous micro-chip. Frankly, I find that notion more than a little fanciful. However, Revelation does seem to refer to financial matters, and states that ‘no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark’ (ch 13:17). Curious, indeed; and a prophecy that will not become clear until it is actually happening.

Whether one accepts Biblical prophecy or not, many commentators are seeing basically the same scenario as I describe here. No doubt, along with the currency solution, there will be a number of other conditions attached. The trap will not be completely sprung at that time... and that time could be merely weeks or months away. No, the new economic world order will be another critical, perhaps penultimate, step on the road to global dominion, but will still appear to leave nations and peoples with their illusions of freedom. After that, ‘they’ must have one or two more pieces of their grand plan to snap into place as the capstone of their pyramid of world power. My hunch is that it will likely have to do with a major war, or threat of same, and perhaps involve revelation of visitors from outer space. Yes, the latter idea sounds bizarre; but there has been an explosion of sightings of UFOs all around the Earth in recent years, and some governments have even opened their files on the subject for public scrutiny. More than that, a string of movies from the font of esoteric but cloaked prophecies, Hollywood, insinuates that the powers that know are preparing the mass consciousness for disclosure, finally, of the mind-blowing news that ‘we are not alone’ in the universe. (Fancy that!)

Guessing at a timeline, one can see that the New World Financial disOrder could arrive before the end of 2009 (all their milestones seems to happen in autumn). After that, the next step would be implemented probably in 2010, and if it involves war, there are plenty of candidates available, such as Iran, Russia, China, etc., fallen upon by the USA, Israel, and maybe Britain. Either before or after the dust settles from such a conflict or apprehended conflict, a New World Order will be installed. Many speculate that the said war will be triggered (or threatened) by the next, big, staged attack on American soil, which will have to be at least as damaging as those of 9-11. For that reason, they anticipate deployment of something like a ‘dirty bomb’ (spreading radioactive dust) or even a ‘mini-nuke’ explosion, although they don’t rule out a biological attack, too. All scenarios have been ‘tested’ or aired by Hollywood, in a number of ‘disaster movies’ with corresponding themes. So, in accord with past patterns, we can’t specify any particular mode of attack, even if convinced of the likelihood that one will occur. The plan is to shock a population already reeling from economic dislocation, with an event of sufficient proportions as to create immediate terror, and so render the people psychically amenable to drastic solutions presented as the last and only hope for preserving the ‘modern, Western way of life.’ Before we know what’s happened, it will be a new World, one in which the huge majority will be ruled by an ultra-rich, elite, who claim they alone know what’s best for us. And that is the state of the Earth that will usher us into the purported date with destiny, 2012. You read it here first... (at least in this form).

What will actually happen on 21-12-2012, nobody knows, of course-- not even the Mayans, apparently. Other cultures’ predictions or mythologies imply a ‘transformation in human consciousness’ taking place at that time; but what that really means is, again, anyone’s guess. So, what happens in 2012 could range from nothing observable, to the end of the world as we know it... which is quite a range. My intent with this essay is basically to demonstrate that IF the premise of a ‘global government’ has validity, then it is entirely possible for it to actually take place, however unlikely it may appear at this prior moment. To clarify, when I say ‘take place,’ it may not look like what many people expect a NWO to be-- e.g. a single, unified administration, etc. No, most likely it will look more like a ‘coordinated, consensual agreement’ of some sort, along the lines of a UN on steroids. Nevertheless, the effect will be of a world-wide domination of populations by a small oligarchy.

Another aspect of the NWO that arises from Biblical prophecy is that it will involve some form of ‘religious belief.’ This part sounds quite crazy, since we all assume that Western-style governance, be it democratic or otherwise, is solidly secular, maybe even irreligious. Why or how a world rule should entail religion is not at all clear, especially to the non-religious mind. However, to those who perceive spiritually, behind the scenes of the material world, the matter is not so obscure. You see, once you grasp that events are being propelled by a cadre of hidden manipulators, you see that they must be psychopaths, given the insane destructiveness of their actions. You also see that they are the latest progeny of a line of conspirators that go back centuries, who have been planning this ambitious scheme all those years. If they are psychopaths, then what motivates them to proceed with a plan that will bring the entire planet to extinction? (They are destroying the Earth ecologically by poisoning the environment with a huge array of toxic chemicals, and annihilating the human race using the same means and by ruining our DNA with toxic food additives, DU dust, GM foods, etc.) There’s only one answer, and that is the power of evil; a power so great that it can only emanate from the Prince of Evil, Satan himself. As the Bible reveals, Satan desires to ‘magnify himself’ and to exalt himself above God. His hated rival is Jesus, and so he must be exalted by the people that Jesus came to save-- us. To do that, Satan needs to counterfeit the features of Christ and of true religion (not ‘churchianity’) and to deceive the masses into acknowledging him as ‘God.’ Thus, Satan stands true worship on its head, but must do so thru mass illusion. This explains, incidentally, why the Zionists insisted on having Palestine as their homeland when they were offered an easier location in Africa. They must have Jerusalem, site of the ‘temple mount,’ where they intend to install their false religion, and make it the seat of their fake god. Once they have seized effective control of the world, they will impose their anti-religion on everyone, demanding worship of their Antichrist.

After all this dire speculation, the point, dear reader, is that you should be prepared (mentally, at least) for virtually anything to happen in the next few months and years. Don’t get too comfortable in your lifestyle, because it may come to an abrupt end. Altho the above scenario promises to bring great turmoil and hardship on the Earth, the Bible indicates that this period will be cut short and will be terminated by the rescue mission of Jesus, coming this time as conquering Lord of Lords to reclaim the planet for God. We are headed for very bad news; but it is to be followed by very good news. Take heart, all ye of good faith!

March 3, 2009

Nearing the Boiling Point of Awareness

I could have called this piece ‘The frog in the Saucepan,’ but that analogy has become pretty hackneyed over the last decade or so. With use it has lost its evocative qualities, and slides over most people’s consciousness, like so many other bytes of information that come flying at us every day.
As an observer of the world for many decades-- one who has kept notes, either physical or virtual, of events-- I am acutely aware of how the ‘stove temperature’ on planet Earth has ramped up remarkably within my own lifetime. For the benefit of those who don’t bother with ‘those things,’ I offer these latest observations for due consideration.
For a start, you have to disabuse yourself of one of the common myths that emerged from the general acceptance of the Theory of Evolution. That’s the notion that because species evolve, it follows that the human race, too, is constantly improving, despite little set-backs on the road of progress. In other words, we’ve developed a comforting myth in the perfectability of humankind, one that lurks in modern, implicit culture as an unexamined piece of ‘background knowledge.’ My view is that this assertion is completely at odds with the reality of our age. When you think about it, the evidence against this myth is overwhelming. Let’s consider a few of the more egregious examples.

In just one generation, the incidence (rate per capita) of a wide range of health ‘conditions’ has exploded in Western society. When I was in elementary school, there wasn’t one child in the school who had asthma, or ‘ADHD,’ or hyper-allergy, or autism, and so on. (True, there were two kids with polio, something that was eradicated after then.) There were, maybe, two or three kids you might label as obese, but it was rare. Compare that scene with today’s schools where asthma is so common that kids who forget their inhalers can always borrow a ‘puff’ from another student. Or where some food allergies are so prevalent that certain foods (like peanut butter) are banned altogether as lunch choices. It’s common for schools to designate a staff member as dispenser of medications, and they have a list of kids and pills... and emergency phone numbers. Medical researchers now refer to childhood obesity as of epidemic proportions. Without long-term perspective, each new cohort of parents surveys the situation and comes to accept it as the natural landscape of the times.

My wife and I used to enjoy visiting a nearby metropolis, sampling its many restaurants, walking its fascinating neighborhoods, shopping its unique boutiques, etc. Today, we have written this city off our travel plans because it has become, in just a couple years, extremely violent, and unpredictably so. Rival gangs regularly conduct ‘hits’ on targeted members in broad daylight, in any place, and using firearms indiscriminately. A city that was safe a mere few years ago, is now notorious for the riskiness of merely walking down a street. Yet this story is hardly exceptional; it is becoming the story of virtually every big city, and many smaller ones, everywhere in North America. Most citizens cluck their tongue, shake their head, and adjust their routines to accommodate the new, unpleasant reality. In this case, citizens held protests, the authorities responded, predictably, with token pledges to increase police numbers, stiffen sentences handed down by courts, and make more changes to the criminal code. Great. To date, not one of the assassins has been identified, let alone arrested.

A few years ago, my wife and I lived for half a year in a small town in Mexico. We drove our car there (several hundred miles from the US border) and visited a number of places by car while we lived there. At all times, we felt very safe and secure; as much as we would in our own home town. Today, we have no desire to return to Mexico where the drug wars have become so ugly and violent that over 1,000 people were killed in the space of 50 days, recently. Similarly, the once peaceful, almost idyllic Thailand has become another violent place where tourists have been murdered deliberately. Numerous other formerly peaceful tourist destinations have become dangerous, to one degree or another. And while many Americans may dismiss the drug war south of the border as a Mexican problem, they had better think again. The fact is that the war has already spilled into many towns in the southern states, and since the drug cartels are ensconced in the Hispanic community, they will follow the demographic movement of the ex-patriots. Soon, all major cities will be reluctant participants in the Mexican drug war. In fact, by then, the drug trade will be fought by several, competing ethnic cartels.

And that brings me to a little aside, easily perceived thru the lens of history, concerning the whole ‘war on drugs.’. Our grandparents went thru this same scenario back in the 1920s: rival gangs shooting it out with each other and with police for domination of the lucrative drug we call alcohol, which was then prohibited in the USA. In the end, they did the intelligent thing: they legalized alcohol, taxed it, and put the gangs out of business. They took the realistic position that it’s better to control the trade and accept a few undesirable consequences, than to engage in a futile, costly, bloody, unending struggle with criminals. We could cut the ground out from under the drug lords by doing the same with even the one drug, marijuana. But no; every attempt to use reason and propose legalization of the most harmless of the illicit drugs is met with instant rejection by US authorities. You have to ask yourself ‘why?’ when we all know the old mantra that if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result. Obviously, individuals in very high places want to retain the ‘drug war;’ and they want it because they are benefiting from it. Nothing was learned from history. No sign of progress here.

With the ‘Baby-boom generation’ now reaching the age when people start to reflect on ‘bigger issues’ of life, you’d expect that they might ponder certain basic questions. Like, why is humanity always engaged in war (somewhere)... when the great majority of us just want to live a peaceful life? Could it be because there are a few psychopaths among us who attain positions of power and influence, who deliberately foment wars for their own twisted objectives? (See e.g. ‘War is a Racket,’ Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler). Despite all ostensible efforts (such as the League of Nations, the UN, other NGOs) we have never been able to put a damper on war as our favorite sport. Why? Again, certain people reap enormous fortunes from war, and they will ensure that the situation never improves.

While science loves to congratulate itself for its ‘triumphs,’ there is really little to crow about when you examine the record objectively. Sure, scientists in various disciplines claim they have ‘explained creation,’ or conquered such-and-such disease, or can control some once-deadly sickness. But when you look further, the truth is far less concrete. Most of the ‘explanations’ are nothing more than speculations! Many of the diseases thought to be conquered (including polio) are making a comeback in various places. And although they can mask the symptoms of certain diseases for a time, people are still contracting them and dying from them in ever-bigger numbers. So much of the achievements boasted of by modern medical science are quite illusory. In other areas of science, technologists seem to be employed by governments to create weapons rather than benefits for mankind. Again, progress that is materialistic and illusory, doing nothing to help the inequities in the world.

Forty years ago, in 1969, NASA put men on our closest cosmic neighbor, our own moon. Several more missions went to the moon, until the last Apollo mission in 1972. We’ve never been back since then... in 37 years! In fact, there have been a couple of human-origin, shuttle disasters in those years that would have set the moon missions back for a long time had they happened to the Apollo launches. What progress is that?

In education, tests are showing that average levels of knowledge of high school students have dropped over the last several decades. Surveys of the extent of understanding of public policy issues indicate a woeful ignorance of world, and even local affairs among the general populace. At the same time, hours spent watching TV have been increasing steadily for decades, and only started to plateau as young people began spending increasing time on computers and video games. The lure of entertainment proves greater than the value of awareness of societal issues. And speaking of television, it’s no secret that programming has been getting more violent, and ‘dumber,’ every year. That may sound mundane, but if you were to take a viewer from say, 1960, and show him/her almost any prime-time-crime show of today, the person would be shocked, I’m sure. What is harder to convey to readers is that this degradation in the propriety of typical, popular programs is not just ‘reflecting society’s state,’ (as some protest) but is a conscious plan to ‘condition’ the general population to greater violence in daily life. This is another of those long-term schemes by the broadcasters to have a free hand in presenting anything they want, under the guise of ‘artistic licence,’ or ‘free enterprise,’ or whatever. While they argue vehemently, like the tobacco lobby of 30 years ago, that there’s no ‘scientific proof’ that their programs influence behavior, they rake in billions of dollars from their advertisers who are convinced that commercial programming gets results! Go figure.

Ditto with the movie industry. Hollywood’s products get more explicitly violent, and more pornographic-- not just in terms of heterosexuality, but increasingly, homosexuality-- as if testing to see how far they can go before the public finally says ‘enough.’ Again, we are played for suckers; the producers refute any link between their movies and attitudes in society, yet they use all the tricks of the trade to promote their products and their views. You have to realize that there’s a conscious agenda to the Hollywood movie machine, which is, as with TV, to subvert the mass consciousness of the audience, an audience that was once primarily American, then ‘Western,’ and now, global. As tinsel-town’s perverted themes are broadcast from giant, blaring screens to mesmerized viewers, powerful messages are being suggested, both overtly and subliminally. And those messages too often are highly negative towards traditional values and morality, and increasingly promote destructive, immoral themes. Again, the industry hides behind the smokescreen of artistic freedom and similar baffle-gab.

I haven’t even broached the subject of climate change and the effects its having on agriculture and existence in various places. Nor have I discussed environmental damage, or the threat of resurgent pandemics. These factors are rapidly proving very harmful to the future prospects of a viable world. In particular, damage to the environment is something mankind is clearly responsible for, and could have minimized long ago had there been any kind of political leadership. Instead, industries lobbied and stonewalled against any serious action in any of numerous commercial fields. In the US, the military hardware providers sold the government on a ‘good use’ of the waste from nuclear power plants, and American forces started using depleted uranium in projectiles, regardless of their illegality under international law. Now we have radioactive dust circulating the planet, thanks to indiscriminate use of a hazardous waste product. In the current, main war zone, Iraq, the cancer rate among the population is very high, as is the rate of birth defects. This is the kind of fate that awaits us all, everywhere, thanks to ‘human progress.’

That’s enough observational evidence, I trust, to convince any reflecting person that: (1) the human race is not, by any stretch of imagination, improving by any measure, be it physical, social, or spiritual; and (2) the ‘psychic temperature’ in the saucepan that is our home planet has risen alarmingly, and requires only a few more degrees of applied heat to reach a rolling boil. Madmen took control of the heat dials years ago, and keep cranking it up, day by day. Unlike the frog, we have nowhere to jump. To those who would accuse me of churlish pessimism, I would respond with a question: ‘Was the lookout on the Titanic a pessimist when he reported seeing icebergs ahead?’