March 26, 2007

Signs of Spring?

The following events have all occurred within the past few months of this writing date:
  • wild weather in many places, often characterized by fierce winds (e.g. Vancouver's Stanley Park was pummelled by winds that knocked down hundreds of trees);
  • a widespread stench in the air was reported coming from 'underground' in New York, London, Sydney, and possibly other cities (especially those having subway systems);
  • a reddish dust that coated a wide area was reported in parts of India, then in Seattle, and parts of Siberia;
  • marine mammals that migrate in groups have mysteriously beached themselves on certain coasts, requiring rescue by concerned people;
  • strange 'booms' have been reported along the US eastern states, loud noises that can't be attributed to supersonic aircraft or earthquakes;
  • a small magnitude earthquake was reported in Ohio, a location the news story noted as 'not normally prone to earth tremors;'
  • Inuit in Canada's arctic have expressed hope that scientists can explain strange appearances of the sun before its normal dates in the polar spring;
  • a science story reported on 'missing crust' in the mid-Atlantic rift zone.

Now-- here's your challenge: what theory can you find that provides a framework that could account for all of these disparate phenomena? Interesting problem, isn't it? Is there such a theory? Remember, those were all stories that appeared in 'mainstream media,' altho they never received a lot of coverage beyond their local region. So, any 'theory' that can rationally tie them all together would have to be a fairly powerful paradigm, wouldn't you agree?

Okay, as you probably guessed, I believe there is a theory that links these strange events. And, be prepared, it's an unconventional-- and unsettling, paradigm. There are individuals who are already aware of this hypothesis, many who believe that it is more than theory, and they are posting messages on the web and writing books that warn of this growing danger. What they conjecture is that our solar system, that we like to regard as stable and peaceful, is being visited by a huge comet or 'rogue planet,' the tenth planet in the system, hence labelled 'Planet X,' (also know as Nibiru, per Sumerian tradition). As this planet approaches the Earth's orbit, it is exerting greater influence on our planetary systems-- climate, tectonics, even magnetosphere. Now, if you'll just hold on to your skepticism for a moment, consider that no other theory has been advanced by 'conventional science' to explain all of these events simultaneously. In fact, most of those events, separately, remain unexplained.

All right, then, how could a tenth planet's approach cause all these phenomena? Well according to its proponents, the effects are due to what they term 'hyperdimensional geometry,' considered the true underlying physical paradigm of celestial mechanics. To be very brief, this model hypothesizes that interactions among heavenly bodies are not due solely to gravitational effects, as held by conventional science. They believe that there are also interactions due to electro-magnetic fields, and subtler fields of energy, often called 'the ether.' In this model, the influence of an object is proportional to its angular momentum. It is conjectured that planet X moves in a highly elliptical orbit that keeps it in remote space most of the time, but at periodic intervals, it must swing closer to the inner planets. During this perigee phase, it possesses great angular momentum-- visualize a racing car coming off a long straight stretch into a steeply banked corner, and consider how the forces acting on the vehicle increase. This 'energy' is somehow exerted on all neighboring bodies.

This is a good time for me to add some observations that I purposely ommitted from the introductory list. It has been observed that, in fact, our heliospherical neighbors-- the other eight planets-- are all exhibiting peculiar physical changes. For example, Mars is showing signs of global warming, as its polar caps are shrinking. Jupiter has developed a second, 'red spot' in the region of its original giant storm. The moons of Jupiter and Uranus are showing changes such as increased luminosity. And so on, with all the planets; the changes can be verified via the Internet. So, at the solar system level, changes are occurring in accordance with the Planet X, hyperdimensional model. Now, what about those funny Earth-based events?

Well, guess what? Those weird events can also be explained in the same model. One of the major effects of the increasing interaction is a heating of the planet; (in fact, in all the planets and the sun itself as mentioned above). That, by the way, is why you hear some critics carp that 'greenhouse gas emissions' as the cause of global warming is a 'fraud.' They know that all the planets are showing such effects. Regarding tectonic effects, the proponents say that X's approach is exerting torsional stress on the Earth's crust. As the crust slowly stretches, tears in diverse places are allowing trapped gases to vent into the atmosphere, which could account for those stinky days in those big cities. One of the stretch zones is along the 'New Madrid' fault line in the middle of the USA-- the area where the booming sounds are heard, and where unexpected tremors are appearing. Another effect of P-X is on the Earth's magnetic field. Certain species of birds and mammals seem to rely on the magnetic lines to navigate; when those lines of force are disrupted, the animals are confused. It is also believed that planet X is shrouded in a vast cloud of dust, rich in iron oxide; a cloud that may extend outward for millions of miles, like the tail of a huge comet. As this dust is occasionally captured in our atmosphere, it falls as a reddish dusting. Another macro effect of P-X, it is claimed, is a wobble in the Earth's rotation, so that the axis does not have a constant alignment to the ecliptic (plane of orbit). This would mean that the moon and stars would not appear in the 'proper places' where one normally finds them at a given place and time.

Okay, some readers will remain steadfastly 'skeptical;' that's to be expected. To them I say simply, stay tuned to the news... and consider honestly whether each new bit of 'weird events' could fit with the model presented here. I believe that we will soon see an accumulation of evidence that will leave conventional explanations completely at a loss. Some of you are no doubt wanting to shout, 'If that's all true, why haven't 'they' told us?' Ah yes; our dear leaders wouldn't keep us in the dark, would they? Well, chers lecteurs, you better start to move your mind away from the stubborn 'denial complex' that it's presently lodged in, and into a more mature outlook on how this world works. The 'powers that be' have plenty of 'good' reasons to keep the masses of people ignorant of any looming danger that might soon become unhideable. After all, they wouldn't want to create panic, would they? Neither would they want masses of frightened people abandoning jobs that keep the system going, and migrating restlessly around looking for ostensibly safe shelters-- shelters reserved for TPTB. Also, the illuminated guardians of knowledge figure that this world will do much better with a lot fewer people living on it. So if a few billion are killed by direct and indirect effects of a planetary encounter of the worst kind, then it may be a blessing in disguise... for them that have the means to purchase the finest in survival accommodation.

It's a tough world for those who can't imagine a New World Order conspiracy, or global catastrophe of Biblical proportions. Which reminds me of Jesus' words to his followers: when you see the signs of Spring appearing, know that the season is at hand (my paraphrase). Are we seeing, in this very generation, the signs of celestial Spring?


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Mystery dust baffles residents Redmond, Wash. - Residents around Puget Sound were baffled Sunday when a thin layer of ash-like powder suddenly appeared, coating their cars and homes. Source:

March 1, 2007

The Great American Lottery

"The American system is the most ingenious system of control in world history. With a country so rich in natural resources, talent, and labor power the system can afford to distribute just enough to just enough people to limit discontent to a troublesome minority. It is a country so powerful, so big, so pleasing to so many of its citizens that it can afford to give freedom of dissent to the small number who are not pleased. How wise to turn the fear and anger of the majority toward a class of criminals bred - by economic inequity - faster than they can be put away, deflecting attention from the huge thefts of national resources carried out within the law by men in executive offices." -- Howard Zinn, 'A People's History of the United States'.

The inequities in the American way of life are so egregious that they would scarcely be tolerated in most industrialized countries. That they are accepted in America is a phenomenon of human nature related in some curious way to the lingering frontier mindset that prevails in the thinking of a majority of Americans. It's that belief, inculcated from youth (or from landing as an immigrant) that 'anyone can achieve anything in America if they work hard enough.' This credo is constantly nurtured in the ostensibly free-enterprise economy of the nation where capitalism is the true religion. Historically, thanks to the enormous resources and resulting wealth of the USA, there have been more than enough 'winners' to keep everyone quite happy. More recently, there has been a growing gap between rich and poor... and people are starting to notice. Many of the poor resort to short-cuts, crime, to leverage themselves to a higher socio-economic stratum. Consequently, as the rich desire to conserve their wealth by demanding tougher law-enforcement, the US incarcerates more citizens than any other Western country... creating an ironic 'American Gulag.'

The rest of the poor seem to be satisfied to exist in the faint hope that one day they will win the lottery-- ie. hold the prize-winner, land the big job, get voted as Survivor, chosen as Idol, etc. Winners are paraded in all the media as the new heroes, the celebrities basking in their 15 minutes of fame, the proof that, yes, you too can be a winner in the grand crap-shoot that is modern America. This masterful employment of statistical improbability allied with psychological manipulation is astounding when viewed from a rational distance. What the powers that be have achieved is unique in history-- the domestication and enslavement of a populace without resort to overt totalitarianism. In fact, they've achieved the seeming impossible, since the populace believe they are living in a democratic paradise! By instituting, with the willing assistance of the mass media, a strictly two-party political system, the Gray Eminencies have been able to exercise time-honored techniques in dichotomous thinking toward the goal of attaining their grand cause. Dichotomous thinking is basically 'divide and conquer.' Every problem is presented as reduced to just two choices, A or B, which are ostensibly diametrically opposite. In politics, it's either 'left' or 'right,' Democrat or Republican. In sports, it's either winners or losers, nothing else matters. That dichotomous thinking may seem ethereal, but it carries over into many areas of life and society, as an 'us' and 'them' mindset, that found blatant expression in Sept. 2001 when George Bush made his famous pronouncement that 'those who aren't with us are against us!' You're either a good guy or a terrorist in the monochromatic mindset of the mass manipulators.

Dichotomous thinking has been very effectively exploited in the last two centuries by powerful, shadowy forces working toward the goal of global domination. They played the game cleverly in the two World Wars, selling armaments and strategic supplies to both sides of the conflict, and reaping huge fortunes to pad their 'special projects fund.' They've done the same thing in every conflict around the world, with the background aim of reducing the geo-political scene to fewer and fewer major players. For, as demonstrated in the USA, once you get down to two main actors, it's absurdly easy to make the system work as you want. You simply buy off, or intimidate, the members of both parties so that it doesn't matter which of them gains office by 'democratic' election-- they both behave as their masters dictate. Sure, there's always a lot of rhetoric and fulminating on both sides of the spectrum, but most of it is theatrical posturing-- when it comes to action, the result is what is dictated from on high.

And so, average Americans, like trained circus dogs, jump for the jelly-beans, convinced that with a little bit o' luck, they will snatch the prize, become a 'someone.' This is an ideal scenario for the cabal of controllers. It allows most of the wealth to be held by a small proportion of the population, without complaint from the disadvantaged. This is so ingrained in the American psyche that, amazingly, many citizens seem to believe that it's the way things should be-- a natural state of life in the capitalist utopia. Secondly, it keeps the majority so pre-occupied in the daily grind, that they have little interest in anything of importance. Whatever spare time might be available is spent in passive consumption of any of the numerous sports or entertainments copiously supplied by the eager exploiters of the capitalist system... who are often accomplices of the hidden cabal, knowingly or otherwise.

As we move forward into a murky future where global climate change and geopolitical instability threaten to create chaos and scarcity even in the wealthy USA, some of the stark inequities will become more and more obvious. The great mass of 'losers' will start to question the lottery system... why should one winner take it all, when we could all have a share? The situation is a race against time for both the controllers and the controlled: will the sleep-walking herds awake from their consumer-based stupor before the 'drug-lords' are able to put the final pieces in place to clinch their grip on absolute power over the United States, and by extension, over the globe? What the globalists count on is based on more curious human psychology, which is the basic decency of the majority of 'ordinary people.' That's right: most people are decent enough that, even when confronted with direct evidence before their eyes-- as the 9-11 demolition job-- they simply cannot bring their imagination to the extent required to comprehend that the whole terrible scene was orchestrated, not by turbaned terrorists, but by three-piece suits in Western, towers of power. The truth is too awful to dare admit; the majority are relieved to retreat to the nonsensical but familiar explanations of their respected, elected leaders; denial is the saving order of the day... while it lasts. Stay tuned!